Green Tea Diet and Weight Loss

Green tea diet?  Although green tea is often used for culinary purposes, green tea can assist weight loss in many other ways. When dieting, there is no substitute for eating healthy, drinking water and getting plenty of exercise.  With that said, green tea contains caffeine and can supplement a healthy diet with additional micro nutrients.  Caffeine acts as a diuretic, eliminating excess water from the body.  It also speeds up your metabolism, helping burn extra calories. Even more important is the fact that green tea catechins have been shown to prevent fats from binding in the digestive tract and blood stream.  This helps maintain a healthy heart which is the most important muscle in the body.  

Even with out these added benefits to your diet, the single most important health benefit of drinking green tea is getting plenty of water.  Water makes up over 90% of you body mass.  Water has no calories and water satisfies your thirst and hunger.  Drinking 2 cups of green tea with your meals will also give an additional feeling of fullness.  By eating less and consuming your favorite green tea instead of a beverage loaded with carbohydrates and calories, you can substantially cut calories with out sacrificing a lot.  Try to replace a meal with tea and a small snack in order to cut back on calories.  There must be balance in the calories we eat and the calories we burn.  Excess calories that do not get consumed throughout our daily activities get stored and turn to fat.  Excess calories burned over and above what we consume directly results in lean muscle and weight loss.  A green tea diet is one of the easiest lifestyle changes to make.  


Green Tea Diet & Weight Loss
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Green Tea Health Benefits 
Green tea has been the preferred beverage for centuries in many Asian and European countries. Tea has many therapeutic uses as well as being a form of ritual and ceremony.  The calming tranquility attained from relaxing, and enjoying a warm cup of green tea can be the most beneficial form of therapy yet.  It has been said that laughter is the best medicine, so enjoy a cup of tea with a friend and reap the health benefits of green tea.
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