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Dentistry has improved dramatically over the years, both with
dental techniques and personal hygiene.  The addition of fluoride
to toothpaste and drinking water has helped prevent tooth decay.  
But did you know that drinking tea can help prevent cavities?  
Tooth enamel is a hard substance that protects your teeth.  
Plaque can form on your teeth within hours after eating foods,
especially foods high in sugar.  
Green tea polyphenols inhibit the
growth of oral bacteria, which can help prevent cavities from
forming.  When used as a mouth rinse, green tea reduced plaque
formation and showed promise in preventing periodontal disease.  
Bacteria first form a substance called glucan, which adheres to
your teeth and builds up in the form of plaque.  Green tea
contains natural fluorine that protects teeth and strengthens the
enamel to help fight cavities.  In addition to protecting teeth, the
catechins found in green tea actually prevents and kills odor
causing bacteria from forming in your mouth.  Killing the bacteria
that result in
Halitosis (bad breath) and plaque, can be an
excellent addition to brushing and flossing.  It is recommended
that you brush your teeth two times per day and receive regular
checkups from your dentist.
Green Tea health benefits
Green tea has been the preferred beverage for centuries in many Asian
and European countries.  Tea has many therapeutic uses as well as
being a form of ritual and ceremony.  The calming tranquility attained from
relaxing, and enjoying a warm cup of green tea can be the most beneficial
form of therapy yet.  It has been said that laughter is the best medicine, so
enjoy a cup of tea with a friend and reap the health benefits of green tea.
One never needs their humor as much a when they argue with a fool.
Chinese Proverb
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Green Tea Health Benefits
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