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  • Hyson means "flourishing spring."  This varietal displays the fresh green character one would expect from an exceptional Chinese tea.  The leaves are pan fired and slightly course, giving this tea good body. This loose leaf green tea is smooth and flavorful when prepared properly.  As with all green teas, proper water temperature is essential for bringing out the true essence of the leaf.  Steep  2-3 minutes in water temperature that does not exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit.  Excessive temperature and longer steep times can cause green tea to become bitter and astringent.  Enjoy the experience of this satisfying green tea.

  • Origin:  Anhui Province China

    Grade:  Young Hyson

    Altitude: 1500 - 4900 feet above sea level

    Manufacture Type:  Steamed Green Tea

    Characteristics:  A smooth and satisfying cup with body and full green tea flavor

  • Hot Tea Brewing Recommendations:
    AMOUNT TO USE: Put 1 slightly heaping teaspoon of loose tea for each 7-9 oz/200-260 ml of water in the teapot. Pour freshly boiled water over tea.

    BREWING RECOMMENDATIONS: Steep 3-7 minutes. Milk and sugar are not recommended.

    Iced Tea Preparation Recommendations:
    AMOUNT TO USE: To make 1 L/1 QT, put 6 slightly heaping teaspoons of loose tea into a teapot. Pour 1¼ cups/315ml of boiling water over tea.

    BREWING RECOMMENDATIONS: Steep 5 minutes. Fill a serving pitcher 1/4 full with cold water. Pour tea into serving pitcher.
  • Caffeine Level ~ LOW


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