Adam's Peak

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  • Adam's Peak is one of the most sacred mountains in the world.  It bares the mark of a giant footprint atop its peak.  This location has the unique distinction of being sacred to four of the worlds major religions. Muslims revere this holy site, for it is believed, Adam stood here on one foot for a thousand years after being exiled from Eden.  Hindus believe it to be the mark of Shiva; and some Portuguese Christians settlers claimed the mark was left by St. Thomas.  While Buddhist believe the real footprint lies beneath, on a bed of sapphire. Thousands of people ascend on a spiritual pilgrimage beginning on the December full moon.  The slopes surrounding this peak are blessed with the some of the most remarkable teas on earth.  The silver tips are  covered with fuzz and reveal a heady aroma, reminiscent of pine and honey.  The subtle taste may only be appreciated by an experienced palate. Cancer research has shown this tea has some of the highest known polyphenol content.  This rare white tea is limited to 1500 kilos per year.

  • Origin:  Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka

    Grade:  Silver Needle  Extra Special AA

    Altitude: 6000 - 8500 feet above sea level

    Manufacture Type: Non fermented, Traditional process, Naturally withered and dried, Small batch crafted, Hand sorted

    Characteristics: Delicate, very light liquoring with notes of pine & honey

  • Hot Tea Brewing Recommendations:
    AMOUNT TO USE: Put 1 slightly heaping teaspoon of loose tea for each 7-9 oz/200-260 ml of water in the teapot. Pour freshly boiled water over tea.

    BREWING RECOMMENDATIONS: Steep 3-7 minutes. Milk and sugar are not recommended.

    Iced Tea Preparation Recommendations:
    AMOUNT TO USE: To make 1 L/1 QT, put 6 slightly heaping teaspoons of loose tea into a teapot. Pour 1¼ cups/315ml of boiling water over tea.

    BREWING RECOMMENDATIONS: Steep 5 minutes. Fill a serving pitcher 1/4 full with cold water. Pour tea into serving pitcher

  • Caffeine Level ~ LOW


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