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  • Of all the black tea in China, Keemun Panda #1 is one of the most popular. Located in the Anhui Provence, Keemun is one of the congou-type teas; meaning it requires a great deal of gongfu (disciplined skill) to make fine taut strips without breaking the leaves.  Interestingly, the characters in written Chinese script are the same for time and labor as those used for gongfu. Properly produced Keemun is one of the finest teas in the world with a complex aromatic character often compared to Burgandy wines. Traditionally, Keemun tea was used as a blending agent for English Breakfast tea and rapidly became an English staple because of its complex yet subtle flavor.

  • Origin:  Anhui Province China

    Grade:  Panda Grade #1

    Altitude: 1500 - 4900 feet above sea level

    Manufacture Type:  Special Keemun Orthodox

    Characteristics: A winey and fruity tea with depth and complexity. Takes milk very well.

  • Hot Tea Brewing Recommendations:
    AMOUNT TO USE: Put 1 tea bag for each 10-16oz/285-450ml of water in the teapot. Pour freshly boiled water over tea.

    BREWING RECOMMENDATIONS: Steep 3-7 minutes. Add Milk and sugar to taste.

    Iced Tea Preparation Recommendations:
    AMOUNT TO USE: To make 1 L/1 QT, put 8 tea bags into a teapot. Pour 1¼ cups/315ml of boiling water over tea.

    BREWING RECOMMENDATIONS: Steep 5 minutes. Fill a serving pitcher 1/4 full with cold water. Pour tea into serving pitcher. Add ice, top-up with cold water.

  • Caffeine Level ~ MEDIUM


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