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Welcome to Imperial Tea Garden's Online Gourmet Tea Store
Imperial Tea Garden thanks you for visiting our online tea store.  Our mission is to bring the finest quality
teas into your home.  Enjoy the relaxing experience and health benefits of drinking tea.  
Try Imperial Tea Garden and taste the difference!
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Imperial Tea Garden offers a choice of loose tea, tea bags, and formed teas in a variety of
attractive and convenient
packaging options.  Purchase green tea, white tea, oolong tea,
black tea, and herbal tea in the size that best fits your tea needs.  Imperial Tea Garden
tea measuring spoons, tea strainers, and tea bag holders and other tea
accessories to add flavor to your tea party.  Tea information is provided as a source for
improving knowledge and appreciation for the layman and tea connoisseur alike.  
Wholesale Tea requests are welcome.

Thank you for choosing Imperial Tea Garden as your reliable online tea store. Secure
online shopping makes purchasing your favorite tea easier than ever. We hope that you
have a pleasant shopping experience.  Your complete satisfaction is of the utmost
importance.  Please
contact us with questions, comments or concerns at
Green Tea | Oolong Tea | Black Tea | White Tea | Herbal Tea
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Imperial Tea Garden 5 Star Rating
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