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Reading the Tea Leaves

by Imperial Tea Garden February 13, 2017

Are you drinking real tea?  One way to tell is to inspect the infused leaf.  Visually inspect the tea leaves after they have been infused by dumping your tea strainer or brewing apparatus on a plate and looking at the quality and craftsmanship that went into manufacturing your tea.  Were the tea leaves hand plucked or machine trimmed? Are they twisted, hand tied or rolled by hand? The leaves pictured are a random sample of Spring Pouchong.  Notice how the tea leaves have returned to their original supple state as the twisted leaf unfurls after steeping.

These are just some of the differences that make one tea stand out from the rest.  The quality of many of our rare white teas such as Peony White Needle or Kenya Silverback can be seen without steeping.  Treat yourself to some of the fine teas Imperial Tea Garden has to offer!

Imperial Tea Garden
Imperial Tea Garden


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